Braudel Article

In the article by Braudel, he argues that history is one of the most important social sciences. He says that “the other social sciences are fairly ill informed asĀ  to the crisis which our discipline has gone through in the past twenty or thirty years” (26). This paper was a little difficult to read and I had to re-read different passages several times. One possible thesis I found is: “So I propose to deal at great length with history, and with time in history” (26). This means that he is going to discuss what exactly history means and he is going to focus on different issues from a historical aspect. I thought it was interesting how Braudel thinks that there has been a recent break with the traditional forms of 19th century history. Granted this was written in 1980. At the end of the article, he says that he does not like how people dispute over what is or what is not a social science. He would rather people erase the “boundaries” of what qualifies. This article was interesting, as hard as it was. I feel like it defines why we take History 299. We are looking at what is history as a field, and this article attempts to define what it means to be a social science.

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