Windsor Articles

These articles were a lot of fun to read. I read the autobiography of William Windsor first and I found it very entertaining, but also highly informative. The reader can find out a lot about the time period just by reading this autobiography. For instance in it he says, “I was born into a world with no electricity in the home, no running water (we had a hand pump on the top of the well), no telephones, no radios, no T.V., no computers, no automobiles” (1). He also discusses the major cars and car companies of the day, General Motors. All of this information gives a lot of information about his family (which seems to be middle class) and how they lived during the Great Depression Era. Overall, this source is very informative about the Great Depression.

The second article is more about the Windsor family as they came to the United States. It was still an interesting read, however, I enjoyed the first article more. This source is very informative about how one particular family got to this county. Overall, the article was interesting, however, it was a little more in depth and not as entertaining, so I did not enjoy it as much.

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