Morgan Article

This article was very interesting. The William and Mary Quarterly is a distinguished source which is where this article was published in 1967. The article interestingly starts out comparing the thoughts of important thinkers/politicians in the Revolutionary era. When John Adams said that the idea of the Revolution had been in the “hearts and minds of the people before 1776,” Benjamin Rush thought “it had scarcely begun in 1787” (3). This quote shows the drastic differences in ideology of the Revolutionary thinkers. Also, it was interesting how the author interwove Puritan ideas and applied them to Revolutionary ideas.

The author’s idea of applying Puritan ethics to Revolutionary ideology was an interesting idea. He states that as the Puritan ethic was lost among the Revolutionary generation. They did not fully believe in the omnipresent God. The Puritan ethic was strongest among Presbyterians and Congregationalists. The Puritan ethic “encouraged frugality and frowned on extravagance” (7).

It was interesting to read about the different stages of the thinking about the Revolution. Starting off with the origins of the Revolution. Then it goes and talks about the train of thought of who should rule the new country. Then it talks about the economic meanings of the constitution. As a secondary source, I think this is reliable and well done. It analyzes two different aspects of the new world, and then ties the two different ideas together to make sense of the new country and its ideology.

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